Good old ZIF version


I am looking for good old ZIF Version for zsphere res control. I am using Tablet PC (11 inch) and want ZIF to show in bottom panel (not the pop up one). Where can I find onel ike it?

you can try XYZAdjust as a plugin by tveyes or moldy2 by svengali…both are in my sig

and of course the latest widget from digits…zifclick2.0beta

you can check the links and decide which one might most suit what you are looking for.

XYZAdjust is what I want the one with bottom panel version. I could not use the search engine, it gave me blank html after I ask it to look for it.

Nevermind, I was able to use search engine after I open new explorer.

I like the ZIF by TYeyes. Can someone mind to make it squeezeable or word wrap method upon the width size? I want to be able to use all ZIF Tools.


Hi Washington,

I remember the problem you had with Zif Edit rev B. I will see what I can do to make it compatible with a smaller zscript window width.