Gooble Gobble Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving!

I’d also like to try this “iMage3D” thing that ZBrushCoreMini advertises. So here’s the “iMage3DPNG” version of the sculpt. Let me know if it works in your copy of ZBrush, ZBrushCore, or ZBrushCoreMini!
Gooble Gobble iMage3D


I tried your image. it’seems to be a .Jpeg and it’s not working.
To work your image must be saved as a 3d image format gif3d or .png

you can find some example of image3d here :

The top image is a JPEG, yes. The one below it, though, is the iMage3D PNG. Sorry for the confusion.

The image below is also a jepg, so the iMage3D-function does not work. :wink:

Ooh. I’ll try to watch a tutorial and see if I can fix it tomorrow.

It must be the importation on zbrushcentral that transform your png in jpeg, it works fine with the gif 3d format.

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Here is the iMage3D thing in GIF format. Hopefully it works better than the PNG format.

Gooble Gobble

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