Goliath Beetle for Augmented Reality

Super fun project I worked on; an augmented reality app for a promotion at the Alexander McQueen shops @alexandermcqueen. I modeled and textured the goliath beetle. App was created by Jake Mengers @digitalinsectarium, AR App built by @_bruvva. Shoe scans by @dmblees and @jandiraguasque. Model was fairly low poly and all textures had to fit within one 2K texture. Model was less than 30K polys. Did not do much to the bottom since it would not be seen in the final app.


AR Preview 1

AP Preview 2


That’ a cool marketing approach, final result looks awesome :clap: Thank you for sharing @bloopatone

Always enjoy your beetles! Thanks of sharing =)


ilove it ,well done :metal:

As a fan of Alexander, ZBrush and AR, this is a trifecta of cool. :sunglasses:

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very cool