Goku Vs Janemba Fan art Statue

This is a diorama fan art statue i sculpted for KDC. all done in zbrush and my second try rendering in blender. this one was fun and i tried to add my style while keeping the anime likeness and felling in check!
hope you guys like it!


It’s so good.
As a DB fan I can say it’s one of best figures I’ve seen - because of good anatomy and cloth wrinkles.
And the rendering is spot on!


looks awesome man well done !

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This is the best statue of Dragon Ball Z! Congratulations!

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Thats a perfect 2d>3d interpretation of a scene right there, love it man, keep them coming

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This is the best DBZ statue out there. A huge master piece, man!

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definitely your sculpt power is “over 9000”! :slight_smile: lol

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Great job Bro…
I never seen one Goku like this before… Absoluty perfect.

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One of the best DBZ sculpts out there!
Amazing work!

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Thanks @nebular !!

Thanks @PedroCorreia !!

hahaha thanks alot @Pixo_Daisuke !

Thanks @Erem_Celikoglu !! :relaxed: