Godzilla vs Kong - Stylized

Quick project that I made for fun, inspired by the Godzilla vs Kong movie.

I felt like this scene would look awesome as a stylized statue and also a render meant to be a poster or wall paper from what could be an animated movie.

I really wanted to try new render stuff, playing around lights and colors and I have to say I’m pretty happy with the overall result.

This art will eventually be a 3D print as well.

Which side are you, Godzilla or Kong? :smiley:



Team Kong here :rofl:
Nice work on the stylization

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Thanks man!!!

Freaking love the style of this, very cool!

You might dig this, we just released this today too: https://youtu.be/NHCY5e8ct7w

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Aside from a cool stylized sculpt and render, what I find awesome is the balance and the pose of both characters. Thanks for sharing @FelipeChaves :+1:

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Thanks a lot Kyle!! Pretty cool video!! I’ve watched the whole talk on ZBrush Summit when it came out at the time!! It is really inspiring!! It’s mind blowing the amount of detail on Godzilla’s sculpt!!! Lion King’s talk is also one of my favorite! Really cool to see how all the work come together!

Thanks Jaime!! Yeah, having the pose right and a nice flow along the image was a key factor for me. Since I really love animation, I have been trying to push on the poses or facial expression as much as I can for my personal work.
I’m really glad that you liked!! Thanks again man!

This is awesome. So fun. Love the stylization. and the movie was INCREDIBLE!

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Nailed the gesture work on this and combined with the stylization, you made a really solid piece. I really enjoy the color work as well! Hopefully we’ll see the fully 3d printed version one day? :slight_smile:

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Thanks man!!! Yeah, the movie is pretty fun to watch!! All the fight scenes are great!!!

Hey @Firebert thanks a lot!!! Yes, I will make a 3D printed version!!! I will post updates here in the future. I’m just wondering if I should post it here on the same thread or as a new one. :thinking:

Eye popping rende :star_struck:r!!! Love the strong shapes and shapeflow!! :sunglasses: :+1: :star: :star: :star: :star: :star:!!

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Keep it threaded :+1: Really looking forward to seeing what you pull off and the next piece you have in store

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Very cool stylized take on the film!

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Doooope stuff dude!!

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Thank you so much guys!!! @Geert_Etcher_Melis, @Firebert, @ZMichael, @Vannuchi