GODZILLA Singular Point design

Godzilla ‘Singular Point’ design. Based on concept art by Eiji Yamamori. Singular Point is an upcoming anime series for Netflix. This is Godzilla’s design for the series.


Very cool, love how you’ve lit the sculpt :+1:

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Love your Style. :slight_smile:

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Appreciate the comment Boozy.

Thanks for that Bruvda. Absolutely same goes!!!

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That’s a cool concept. I love it when they give him the cobra flare on his neck.
Awesome sculpt Dope!

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Beyond epic, this piece came out perfecto!

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Came out really nice @dopepope :+1:

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Really appreciate that Jaime.

Thanks Digi. Appreciate the feedback.

Nice work! I love the balance in the pose. He feels unstoppable!

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Thanks for that comment. Elias. Glad you think so.

Is there a way i can get this model, i’ve been making a Monsterverse game and need atleast…atleast every kaiju & this looks kewl asf, is there a way i can get this for freee or purchase it?..

Wonderful job on this Godzilla!
You might be interested in this presentation MPC gave at our summit:


I was in the audience for this. LOVE the work you’ve done on that series.