Goddess of Abundance and Beauty

and The Mass Keeper
It took me about two or three months of total time, i guess, to complete this one.
Started back in March of 2021 finished in May of 2022


Serious sculpting! Nice renders too. What did you use?

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Great work!

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a bit of sorcery and arnold!

Impressive work! Thanks for sharing. :+1:


It’s a very imaginative piece. Very well done. The only thing is the flesh looks a little plastic – not translucent. But, nothing is ever perfect. Still a really wonderful creation

Beauty contrast and sutil message between two different types of shape.

And marked baroque aesthetics.

This is just amazing! Great work!!

Absoluthly my favorite. :slight_smile:

Wow this is amazing! I love the design and the female figure just blew me away! Please tell me that you plan on selling the model of the statue at some point. I need this in my home!

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Those HDRI Forrest shots are insane! Really impressive!

Thanks for sharing. :+1:

Wow this is amazing! .

impressive work, the most rude, different, erotic and sensual that I have seen, I congratulate you