God of war - Jordan Moodaliar

Hey guys,
i’ts been a while since I’ve posted. Been working on a few projects and one of them includes Kratos from God of war. I’ve always been a huge fan of the God of war franchise and its a true honor to be working on this project. Sculpted from a primitive sphere, used ZBrush for sculpting, arnold for render. Hope you enjoy!

Here are a few shots out of ZBrush


Hey guys, here is a close up shot of the God of war sculpt from my previous thread, here is a link to the thread if needed : God of war - Jordan Moodaliar

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This is amazing work man. we need a workflow breakdown please!!

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@Ahsen_27 Thanks man, Glad you like it!

I will post a breakdown as soon as possible, working on a realistic colour version in Arnold.

I started an Artstation Account a few days ago, I will be posting regularly.
I’ll ;eave a link below if you are interested.

Thanks already followed. Are you going to use substance painter for colors?


Not on this project, I feel that i can get the level of detail and look and feel that I want from ZBrush’s Polypaint feature.