God of War Environment Tutorial

Hello everyone!

I posted this yesterday in the wrong section but I think I’ve got it right now. :wink: I’m new to the forum and the tutorial scene so I could use all the support and feedback I can get. Let me introduce myself and show of the sculpt I did for the tutorial. Thank you for checking it out!

I’m a Senior Staff environment artist at Sony Santa Monica on the God of War dev team. I’ve been crafting game environments for 16 years working on games like The Bards Tale remake, Saboteur and God of War Ascension. I’ve learned a lot here at Santa Monica Studio and I find I learn a ton from watching other artists videos as well.

My tutorial includes 6+ hours of content and goes over Maya modeling/ZBrush sculpting for both architectural shapes and organic rocks. I also include some fun bonus content at the end of each video highlighting the life and culture here at Santa Monica Studio. Things like a studio tour, 10 year anniversary art gallery, and a couple critiques of our tutorial piece from other environment artists here on the GOW dev team.

Thank you for your time and support!






Three sweet Maya MEL hacks I can’t live without

Runtime ~ 11 minutes

Inlcudes video, 3 MEL scripts and my .PSD icon file

Sometimes Maya does things in a weird way. While I am sure there is some reason for it, I have found three tools that work around Mayas weirdness. These MEL scripts save me time and keep my scene clean and tidy. I used them a lot in my Modeling/Sculpting video and since I rely on them so much I wanted to make sure I cover them here. If you are not already using a custom Maya shelf I detail how to get that up and running too.