First thread of my own, whopee
And its a goblin! Or at least the head of one, maybe a body later. Still in progress this one. Thanks goes to nickz for his base mesh head, you can find it in his thread here: http://www.zbrushcentral.com/zbc/showthread.php?t=27688

Colorized in Photoshop:

Tell me what you think. I can take it :stuck_out_tongue:

trying to upload picture in the post above instead :slight_smile:

Really cool expression. Gives him a lot of character. Funny because his facial expression gives him a lot of character even though he´s not heavily texturized.


thanks gutt. i’ll try and texture him tomorrow…

I agree … he looks really mischievous. I’m going to go check out that head … thanks for the link.:+1:

thanks moochie, and no problem

Tried some detailing today

Suggestions and comments are welcome

I like the expression on his face…very cool


Agree–very expressive!

He looks the bomb! Really… I’m impressed at how much character you’ve achived with a relativlly low amount of detail!! Superb expression. Good job man!

Great improvments! very clean model. :+1:

Thank you for the kind words guys, really appreciated :slight_smile:

ok theres one thing thats been bugging me on this one and I think I have a solution to in finally. when you look at the front and side views they dont seem to match the proportions you might predict. The side view seems too long to me. I was thinking tha if you pulled the nose in a little but also down near the tip…it would give the face a more “predictable” proportion and still retain the long ugly goblin nose it needs.

Theres my blabber :rolleyes:

You speak wisely I-Life :slight_smile: I see what you mean. The out of proportion thing must have happened when pulling his face around with a rather large brush. So I think his whole head might be out actually :slight_smile:

Thing is when front view is rendered in ZBrush without perspective distortion you don’t see how long his face is on the Z-axis…

I’ll try and correct this

Thanks for the pointer

Oh yah your right, I didnt really see it till now but his whole head is just streched, thats an easy fix! :slight_smile:

Mind giving me ideas for this guy?

hum…this is just an idea, but i would like to see a cleft on the nose or chin (i don’t know the right word, ya know like Kirk Douglas has on his chin), i think it would look cool and add a little bit to the organic side. Great Work :slight_smile:

are you refering to a “butt chin”? lol

think he is :slight_smile:

yeah :slight_smile: i think it would really look cool, but i am also talking about like a split nose (again i don’t know the name but i think it would be cool to have like a “butt chin” in the nose)… just some ideas to make your model look different :wink: i am just getting started so i don’t have the skills to do something like that.

I’ll see what I can do Daniel-San :slight_smile: