Gnomon Art Jam with Josh Herman and Paul Gaboury


Don’t miss Pixologic’s Paul Gaboury as he joins Josh Herman in an Gnomon Art Jam.

The focus of the stream will be how ZBrush can create hard surface models using a variety of features such as ZModeler, SpotLight, NanoMesh, ArrayMesh, various sculpting brush techniques and much more. Josh will be following along with Paul as they both take an animal from the wild and put a spin on things by converting the organic animal into a mech. During the stream Josh will be asking questions and fielding those from the community regarding the techniques that Paul will be demonstrating throughout the stream.

Don’t miss this unique opportunity to learn as much as you can about hard surface sculpting in ZBrush!

Watch the Recording:

I’m hoping this will be recorded. I’d love to attend but will have to work.


yes, it will be recorded on the Gnomon YouTube and Twitter. I’m the guest on their channel tomorrow.


I will be there, for sure!!!

Where do I find info on the class by Paul mentioned toward the end?

Great video. I’ll give you another industry that wasn’t mentioned - Crystal Sculpting! I’m a crystal sculptor which is a style of sculpting made famous in France during the 1900s but has existed for thousands of years. ZBrush is allowing us to do things with crystal sculpting that have never been done before. One of the big issues with clay is that hard surfaces and clean angles are really hard to get and maintain…zbrush allows me to do geometric work on the 3D printer than add organic shapes (such as hair) that 3D printers still don’t get good enough.

see some of my work here https://www.instagram.com/aPeaceOfAdam/

@Michael_Honsinger Josh was bringing up the class I teach at Gnomon. Here is the info on that class.


@aPeaceOfAdam first, let me welcome you to the community. Thanks for sharing your work, beautiful stuff. I’ve spoken to a few other artists over the years that are doing ZBrush work that is turned into crystal pieces.

Great stuff. Let me know if you need anything.