Gnarled Head Wip

This is a head I threw together recently, it took me a little less than 2 days of work to get it this far. There is no topology on the mesh, the entire figure was subdivded from a 6 sided cube. I was getting a bit peeved at some tedious Sub-D work so I let loose with this.

The green is from the modeling material I like to use and there is some polypainting in there masked by cavity for effect. Thoughts anyone?






i like it…like the shading and color too…keep experimenting…would like to see more!

Love the head!

Man, IF you can possibly find a little time - can you tell me how you do that blocky shapes? Is harder, stronger, mega nice style. I just love it !!!

There’s no specific trick to getting blocky shapes, I use a variety of tools and and often check my angles to make sure I have the right orientation.

Usually I start off by figuring out exactly what feature I want to exagurate and gradually start pushing it off the head, sometimes using a mask. Usually it’s pretty puffy so you use smaller brushes to start building up peaks on the feature. It’s also important to subtract areas to make some kind of seperation from the rest of the face.

Once I have it massed out I use the flatten brush with a square shaped alpha, just carefully run it over the areas you want flattened, if it’s being difficult, drop the intensity down to 2/3rds and work at it more gradually. The last little bit is just some simple strokes with the pinch tool. It’s important that the pinching comes last since it tends to pull your mesh in certain areas and it screws up the cavity shading a bit.

Love the stylized look!

Thanks for an answer - great look on that work!

very nice…

Here’s a follow up model I started earlier today, trying to work with the same style, but this is much earlier on. I’m still sorta massing out some of the elements I want to pop and also working on the flow in some areas. No really highres stuff which is why I changed the shaders.