Gmaiocco works & wips

Hi everyone.
This down here is my latest project for the deviantart diablo 3 contest.
I can’t seem to get enough feedback, or any criticism.
I’d like to know what can I do to improve my skills even further, so if you have any suggestion or tips you’d like to share I would love to know.
Thanks and hope you like this.





Some new models.
Basically I created this character just to study the limits of the transpose master tool.
I Think I’m gonna use her also to test some realistic skin render


That’s a nice series -what a cute girl and a bit sexy too - and she listen to pink floyd!

Explore the theme a bit more.
I guess you’ve found a nice mixture of Pin Up but 70’s - 80’s thanks to Transpose master. maybe some refinements on fingers?

Keep it coming,


thanks I’ll try to work more on that


Trying to get as photorealistic as possible, happy with the result but I can see is not “perfect”, If anyone as tried it I’d love to ear what you think

excellent work.
please check my work.


Finally had some free time to upload some new works here.
I’ve registered to ryan kingslien certification course on zbrushworkshops, but while I’m studying I’m gonna try and keep this updated.

This here is a commissioned work I did recently for a studio in barcelona: N9ve studio


In the next few days I’ll ulpoad some othe projects.

As always any criticism is appreciated. Thanks.

Couple of sculpts I’ve been working on the past few days as practice.
I like hard edge style on characters and I’m surely gonna use it more in the near futrure.


Had time to sculpt some more random characters just for fun, without being too detailed trying to be as fast as I could.
hope you ike them.

Done this for the zbrush certification course, second week assignment

Here is some stuff I did this past here and this few months, I haven’t been really active in this forum lately but I thought this might be a good time to post some updates here too.


I love the Ram Skull on his battle Axe and his forearms! Eye catching features!

Thanks :smiley:

Interesting designs! Really liked your barbarian with his detailed outfit! And the design of the dragon is great. I feel like your last scene demands some dramatic lighting, to give your work more powerful look. Great stuff, keep it up!