Glends Sketchbook

Hello, ZBrush Central!

This is my first post on here. I’d love to share some of my artwork with everyone.

My latest work is on The Falcon. Its sitting at a tri-count of 46,914 and its fully textured using a PBR workflow in Substance Painter. I started the project as a sphere to challenge myself in anatomy, and then decided to take it further into an optimized character.

Looking forward to posting more work on here. And I welcome critiques and discussion! :slight_smile:


Nice work, cant wait to see more!

Updated the first post with some updates.

Completely new wings to be more falcon-like.
Gradiant paint to the emissive parts.
Larger wings.
Fixed some of the texturing set-up in Marmoset, as well as lighting.
Added a better more action-style pose.

Update on my new character.

Working on a new character. Here are some Anatomy developments so far. :smiley:

You might want to check out some proportions and volumes because in some places the anatomy feels a bit wierd . Keep working and good luck !