Glen Victor's Sketchbook (slight nudity)

Hi guys, and thanks for checking ou my sketchbook.
This is my first post here so be easy on me. hehe… I am actually working on
4 stylalize Capcom characters: Ryu,Cammy,Chunli and Ken. Only have Cammy and Ryu so far. Hope you like it!! :smiley:


This is by no means the final look, i still have a lot of tweaking to do so yea. haha…






glad to be the first to post a comment! Great sculpting!! Love the stylized look of the characters. the only critique i have is on Cammy’s thighs. they look a little too wide for her body type. Other than that, cant wait to see the final result.:smiley:

Much respect, great work! :+1:
Maybe some other views with a slightly lighter color. 5 from me.

The models look awesome, with Ryu maybe his forearms could be bigger and the hands smaller and maybe his head smaller too. Nice clean lookin models. Good work!

Hi guys thinks for your kind words.
Giantsun, i will deffenetly post some better view with lighter color.
And pixolClay, you are right man ill fix that… Chunli is the one who has wide hips i guess… haha… I have already started working on Ken, so ill have some new images coming soon.

Funnily enough I like them big hips on cammy and small upper bod.

Haha…:lol: You are right.

Small update/// I spent a 3.5 hrs on this Chunli…

More to come… :slight_smile:

I think the legs on Chuli are a little to big. I know you are going for that style but they look more like a man’s leg

Small update…
Hey there gabo1991 , thanks man. They doo look kinda manly.:lol:
Still have a lot of work to do though. :slight_smile:

Hope you like it.

It’s not just her hips. Chun Li is usually depicted with very thick muscular legs from hip to boot. I think your legs have great musculature overall but feel slim for ChunLi.

I also think Ryu’s feet are a bit long from heel to toe.

Excellent work though. Very clean. I love how you have managed to make the faces feel detailed and sculpted yet mostly smooth.

Hey thanks poda, i really appciate your kind words and help.
I’ll definitely work on Ryu’s feet and on Chunli’s legs. :smiley:
I am in the process of finish up on Ken. I really want to get them
textured up and rendered out… hopefully, everything should work.

Little update…

Ok, so i am like 95% done with these characters in ZB, just doing some small tweaks. So it’s time for some Maya work flow. Here is a rough texture test on Cammy.:smiley: Hope you like it.
C&C are aways welcome in my book.




Another update…
I made some changes on Cammy’s texture, cause the first test was a little to plastic. Still doing some tweaks here and there to finalize everything. Hope you like it.





looks good, nice style :+1:

Hey wizz, thanks man. Kool sketchbook BTW. :smiley:

OK, here is something i have been working on, still tweaking it to make her look B.E.A utiful. :lol: I will texture her eventually, hope you guys like it.

love it! this is A.W.S um!!! the head is P.E.R fect!

Hahaha…Thanks Pooop, glad you like it. :smiley:

Your models very clean,cute too!excellent:)