Gizmo 3D is snapping to 12.5 degrees instead of 5 degrees when rotating now? How do I change this?

Like I said, this seems to be an unlisted change to the interface with 2019.1 ? the 5 degree increment is something I rely on, whereas snapping to say 67.5 degrees is essentially useless, and arbitrary unless you’re already working in 8ths of a circle for whatever reason. How can I change this back to 5 degrees?

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Go to Preferences > Transpose, and set rotation steps to 18. This will result in 5 degree increment snap when rotating with Gizmo.

Remember to then store your configuration with preferences > Config > store config to have it keep these changes at startup.


There’s also a utility in the Zplugin>Misc Utilities that saves you having to do the calculation! (Adjust Snap Angle slider to what you want and then press Set Snap Angle.)


So to reverse the process in this thread, say that I made a mistake and that I want to go from a rotation snap of 5 degrees to 12.5 degrees – how does one accomplish that? Neither the Misc. Utilities Zplugin nor the transpose rotation snap units support decimal inputs, instead rounding off any decimals. @marcus_civis mentions that there is a calculation here, so what calculation would that be? Do you just divide 90 by the number of steps to get your desired rotation angle? In this case, 7.2 is the desired snap unit, but as expected, it will be rounded off upon entry.