Give me goz for softimage damnit!

Softimage 2013 is out and still no GOZ…

Going back to Softimage 2011 to use GoSoftlite is a joke.
This isn’t funny anymore…

This should be posted on Softimage’s forums as GoZ is their responsibility not Pixologic’s.

Autodesk won’t add Goz for softimage,coz they want to promote their sculpting tool “Mudbox”.that’s why we are still waiting for Goz for Softimage:confused:.

I think pixologic should buy softimage from autodesk.Then they will have a total end to end solution.
Softimage is the most powerful of the big 3 but lacks popularity due to max and maya sales…which in turn means that it doesn’t get promoted as much.

that would be great :wink:

All the GoZ utilities except for the Lightwave one have been made by Pixologic. And NewTek doesnt have a sculpting applicaion of their own, therefor no conflicted interests to worry about. Autodesk will never make a GoZ for Softimage.

Pixologic is now just getting ridicules with the way they treat xsi users. :evil:

Pixologic has provided the SDK for anyone to make a GoZ utility. There’s one for Blender and Pixologic had nothing to do with it. You might get better response from someone at XSI forums. Blaming Pixologic is probably putting the blame where it doesn’t belong.

There are two separate attempts to make GoZ for Softimage: GoSoftimageLite and XGoZ. First one transfers only the geometry and the UV data, while the other one has an extremely painful installation - I have only managed to install it on one machine and the data transfer was not performing correctly at all…

I dont blame them; I question their logic behind the decision not to provide GoZ for Softimage while they had no problem making it for other Autodesk packages.