Girl character - Carlos Ortega

A model that started a while ago wanting to record a “making of” a character from scratch (more like a detailed overview than a tutorial) but wasn’t convinced with the material so I scrapped it and stopped recording. Last week I sculpted the rest of it after a helpful break.

Still rough, most elements are still in a dynamesh stage, I may fix some proportions in head/body but I don’t think I’ll polish it further other than some renders in arnold. I didn’t record anything else so I guess maybe next time :wink: I’m just glad to have a bit of motivation to rescue this model.
Based on the sketch at the bottom.
I’ll post updates here soon.




Nice flow! Nice colors!

Lovely work and character.

The texture of the dress is fantastic and her pose is very emotive.
Great sculpt.

Elegantly executed in gesture and colors :heart_eyes:

Nice work! Very impressive from sketch to 3d. Glad you got re-motivated. It’s hard at times and I think we all go through stages of not being inspired. It’s good to be inspired again.

So beautiful!!! Awesome!

i love it