Gio Nakpil "Master Organic Modelling Class" Student Results

Hello all!

First off, I’d like to thank Jaime Labelle for granting me permission to post here about my Zbrush class at Mold3D ( http://www.mold3dacademy.com/master-organic-modeling.html ). It’s been 2 classes so far and I’ve been nothing but proud about the results from those who participated.

Anyway, I’ll let the students do the talking and post their work. I’ll start it off by posting some of the pieces I’ve been working on lately.

Happy Zbrushing All! :slight_smile:




I am Daniel S. Rodrigues, and I’ve attended to the 2016 class of this amazing course from Gio. The amount of knowledge that I gathered form this is immeasurable, and it completely changed how I approach my work from a very fundamental way.

Here it is my main project developed on this course. It is based on a creature from the japanese folklore, which it is called Kappa. Also, I drew a lot of inspiration from Simon Lee’s kappa sculpts.






Hi everyone ! my name is Marco Ventura im from Rio de Janeiro Brazil (i know this post is not supposed to be introduction but since its my first post let it be :stuck_out_tongue: )
I was an student in Gio’s Nakpil 2016 Class, and to make it straight foward and not keep you reading (because you probably want to see the images) this class was the BEST i have ever taken, i did not kewn Gio before, now he’s not only an artist i look up to and take huge inspiration, he’s also one of my favorite teachers and i had alot of ammazing teachers in my life, so those words are not written lightly.
So yeah wish i could tell you all about the ammazing experience i had, but it would make to such an large text, just if you would care for my humble student opinion this class is a MUST for every single student and very benefitial for people who are already working.

So yeah ! thanks for reading, hope to see your work in the group soon incase you take the class :smiley:

Main assigment: Deep one, concept by: Brent Hollowell.
Extra Assigment 1: Vampire, inspired by an illustration: Shawl Alexander.
Extra Assigment 2: Gob the Headhunter Goblin.

Hi Everyone,
I am Tanvir M.N Islam.This is an assignment I completed for the workshop “Master Organic Modeling” with Gio Nakpil. It was sculpted based on the concept art Frankenstein by Carlos Huante. It was a great experience and a lot of great techniques I learned.Thanks :slight_smile:

Hello Everyone,My name is Mohammed Anuz,I took Gio’s mold3d class in 2015.It’s a invaluable, intense class , which I would recommend to anyone who is serious into character modeling.I have always been a big fan of Gio’s work and learning under him was a awesome experience for me, I thank Mold 3d for creating this opportunity for the people who are outside US.One of the best thing about the class was the community it created as a facebook group.Lot of brilliant artist whom I follow were among the students and the comments they gave in the group were very motivating.

This is the assignment I did during the class,Gio’s instant comments helped me a lot to see my model in a different way and improvise it.
I have see a tremendous improvement in my work after I took the class.

Concept :- Hephasto the Armorer from diablo. Concept by one of my favorite artist JEAN-BAPTISTE MONGE http://goo.gl/lE8rwl




Hello everyone,

My name is Pedro and I took part of Gio’s Mastering Organic Modelling 2016 class. This was by far the best class that I ever had in my life and I encourage anyone, regardless of skill level, to take this class.
Not only will you have an opportunity to receive feedback and interact with one of the best artists in the industry but you will learn an insane amount of fundamentals and very useful tips. The class is awesome and I learned a ton with every new assignment and also by seeing what everyone else was doing. I can’t thank Gio and Mold3d enough for organizing it and I hope I can take more classes with Gio in the future!
Now onto my piece. The concept was mine and I developed it during the class and I’m really proud of it.
Hope you enjoy it as well.

Thank you,

Hi everyone!

My name is Jeroen Cloosterman and I took Gio’s ‘Master Organic Modeling’ course in 2015. It was great! Learned a ton! Definitely recommendable!

Hey everyone,
My name is Simon green and i recently took Gio Nakpils Mastering Organic Modelling class on Mold3D Winter 2016,
If you are debating whether to take this class in the future i would say definitely go for it, it is a fantastic class teaching many valuable concepts of traditional sculpture in the digital realm.
Its really opened my eyes to approaching sculpting and i have to say a great thanks to Gio and Mold 3D for the generosity of Sharing this insight, I cant wait to implement it in future work!
Aside form the great course content another aspect is the hidden Facebook page where students share their work, which is an awesome place for seeing everyone develop and you can really see the effects of the class concepts.
Sign up and you wont regret it,
Have a good day people!

Hi everyone,

My name is Javier G. Ureña and here you are the results of 10 amazing weeks of sculpting awesomeness teached by the great Gio Nakpil. This course changed the way I see sculpting and it’s one of the best workshops out there. Gio, Mold3D… YOU ROCK!!!

If you are searching for a course on organic modelling don’t doubt and take this class!!!

Hi! My name is Pavel Protasov. Here is the work I did during fall term at mold 3d with Gio Nakpil. Amazing class, outstanding teacher, awesome experience.

Hey guys , I am Khiew Jit Chun. Here is my work done during the amazing class conducted by the one and only Gio Nakpil.
I have learn a lot during the class. It definitely improve my sensibility towards organic model and a more clearer understanding knowledge towards form and structure of a character.
Once again, congrates to everyone in the class and again thanks to Sir Gio Nakpil.

Cheers. Happy Zbrushing.
Best from
Jit Chun





Hi all, I’m James Sumner III and I had the pleasure of taking the spring 2016 Master Organic Modeling with Gio. I’ve learned a ton and second ALL the effusive praise by the other students above. I’ll add that Gio’s focus (slight spoiler?) on hierarchies and intersections of form gives the course a classical bent that echoes traditional sculpture training in a truly AWESOME way. A superlative course with assignments and feedback that always challenge you to go further!

My character is Goron Link from the Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask (favorite game!).

A textured and rigged version ended up being the centerpiece of my recent rigging/generalist reel !

Hello everyone. My name is Quincy Vadan. I attended the winter 2015 term of Gio’s Mastering Organic Modeling class and couldn’t be happier with the experience. The best thing about the class was how Gio teaches you how to approach building your sculptures. This is something that he broke down into simple steps that you can understand and apply to every single organic sculpture that you do. Since starting my journey in ZBrush I have taken many online classes, but this one gave me the tools I needed to level up, and I truly feel that my skill level has risen since taking this class. Highly recommended to anyone serious about getting better at ZBrush

ZBC crop.jpg

Hi everyone,

My name is Kengo Miyakuni. I took Gio’s Mastering Organic Modelling 2016 class.
Gio’s method is amazing.Ilearned a lot of important things for sculpt organic modeling.
I feel these are very effective improve my modeling.
I made two models in the class.


based on the Jordu Schell’s work

original design model

Hi Everyone,

My name is Hafiz, and I’m a Character Artist working in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. I’m currently working in the game industry and have been in it for 6 years.

This is my work for Gio’s modelling class based on an amazing concept by Carlos Huante’s Hag design.
Really enjoyed sculpting it out and exploring what her character would be like.
Thanks to Gio and the inspiring class of artists I was with who helped inspire each other with their weekly w.i.p. Gio is a master at what he does best and it’s reflected quite clearly by the results. :slight_smile:


my Artstation

Hey I’m Shawn Wiles and had a great time with this class. Has really helped me to learn to love the process and have better flow when posing and modeling forms. This sculpt is based on a Carlos Huante concept.


Hello everyone! I’m Carol Cornils (3D Artist at Behaviour Interactive, Santiago) and this is the Sphinx that I modeled for the last run of Gio’s class. It´s based in a concept from Lissa Treiman.
I had a great time working on it!
The class is intense, focused on art and the personalized feedback is great. I’m very happy with the results and the huge boost it meant for me.
Hope you like it!


I’m Vladimir Silkin! I’m an 3D Artist at Plarium.
I was one of the student on Gio’s 2016 course. It was really fascinated and cool time. I wanna to say huge thank’s to Gio and I would like to share with you my artwork wich I did during this amazing course.
Based on the original concept by Marvos Thanatos (Anastasios Gionis).

Hello all,
I was also part of this amazing class. Everything from teaching to feedback was spotless; I highly recommend it.
It was also great to see everybody grow through the weeks.

Here is the creature I designed and sculpted during the course of the class:


I really enjoyed learning from Gio and seeing all the great work the other students were putting together. I had the option of using some great concept art to use for my final model but instead, I chose to go with an original design. This is the result. Thanks to Gio for the amazing learning opportunity and to Pixologic for showing such support of us!