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Hey guys, I just finished my latest personal piece!

I was inspired way back when by Maria Panfilova’s Grimgar Goblin piece to try my hand at a goblin as well. The main inspiration for the visual I was going for was a lovely concept by Christopher Onciu.

This was a project to learn and get comfortable with a few things. Arnold, XGen, HD Geometry, hand sculpting details and just for fun I tried texturing the whole thing with polypaint. (Kris Costa’s ZBrush summit presentation and him talking about his process online, learning XGen and such gave me courage to try as well).

I did use Fibermesh to groom the hair roughly in ZBrush first, then exported the curves from there to guide my XGen. It helped a lot. I recently did another XGen piece and have been getting more comfortable with the whole pipeline recently. (Saw it on Blur’s ZBrush Summit from 2018, by Damien Canderle).

I could’ve still gone on improving on a lot of things, but it’s time for me to move on to other subjects now. I’m happy with what I learned and can’t wait to apply the knowledge to my future projects and make those better!

Thanks for looking :>

Camera1_1500 RenderCam_03 !
ZBrushViewport_01|1200x900 ZBrushViewport_02 ZBrushViewport_03 ZBrushViewport_04 ZBrushViewport_Iris


A statue depicting the jester of the Quasar family.

Having fun exploring shapes and looks :slight_smile:






Nice work on those underlining forms :+1:

Thanks Jaime! Glad you like them :>

Awesome Piece. Thank you for sharing.

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Thanks for the kind words Paul!

Been getting more familiar with Keyshot the past few weeks, here’s a sketch whilst learning about skin shading. The sculpt is quite rough and unrefined, purpose was just to get something I could play with. Thanks for looking :>