"Ginjiro Manda" Fan Art

Hello everyone.

This character is the main character of the Japanese TV series “NEW・KING OF MINAMI”.
It is Japanese comedian “Chihara Jr” to act.
His role is a ruthless lender, representing a scene showing documents to threaten hostile fraudsters.
Hair is a FiberMesh, rendering is KeyShot.

I am not good at sculpting the wrinkles of clothes.
And among the wrinkles of clothes, I think that the wrinkles of a suit fall in the most difficult category.
I made this work as a step-up to overcome it.

Thank you!


I think now you can say that you are good at sculpting the wrinkles/folds in the clothes, the suit looks great.

Thank you!:slight_smile:
It encourages me. I want to be able to sculpt wrinkles of a certain quality without having to look at the reference materials.

Fantastic work. The more realistic the more challenging wrinkles get.

Looks nice …!!! I can feel its attitude…!!!

Thanks for your comment!
I will do my best to sculpt wrinkles with more reality!