Hello Everyone,
Another Giant Character- Inspired by the concept of Mike Azevedo(https://www.artstation.com/artwork/kqq0d)
Enjoyed this funny Giant scene with little story around it.
Whole scene sculpted and poly painted in Zbrush.
Scene paint over on 3d render in Photoshop.
Main render done in Arnold and Toon style using NPR shader inside the Zbrush.
Hope you all like it!
ArtStation - Santhosh kumar Racha


VERY cool project @santhoshracha Well done :+1:

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Thanks a lot Jaime! I’m glad you like the project:)

What a great scene and great characters! Wonderful work! :+1:

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So much fun. Great work!

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@marcus_civis Thank you so much! :+1:

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Thank you @aurick

Absolutely nailed the render. This looks uniquely 3D while keeping a painted style!

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@ZMichael Thanks a lot! Just tried to do stylized character apart from my regular realistic style. It was fun poly painting the character and BG over the render. :+1: