This is KOHAKU’s winning entry and I really like this Japanese ghost style
In a world where evil spirits are rampant, nurtured by the ugliness of human nature, they either devour or accept evil spirits for their own use,Those who can kill evil spirits are those who can face the ugliness within.
This was created from the perspective of my fans, and I modified some elements according to my own ideas to enhance the impact and strong visual experience of the screen.

The process is very difficult, I once wanted to give up, but I also found joy in learning. I enjoy this sense of achievement, although there are still many shortcomings, I hope everyone can enjoy it.


WoW, love everything about your GHOSTS image, and the sculpt design on her legs that intertwine with the base :+1: Welcome to the community @Jingmo


amazing work JINGMO

wow!! impressive!