Getting texture and low poly, from a high resolution mesh with polypaint, workflow

Hi all

  • I have a photogrammetry scan with a high res texture
  • I baked the texture info to polypaint
  • I duplicated this model, cleaned it up and then reprojected details and color to this new cleaned up mesh which is 26 million polys. It has 1 lower subdivision level, at 6 million.

What I need to do now is

  1. generate a low poly UV’d version of the model, and
  2. generate a texture map that is as high resolution as possible.

I am unclear on the best workflow for doing this?

Do I need to take the same model, Zremesh it but preserve the highest subdivision level, and then bake the high res texture from that somehow?

Hello @arumiat ,

6 mil points is probably too dense to unwrap well for UV. To create a new low poly base with clean quad topology adequate for unwrapping and fine detail projection, use ZRemesher or otherwise retopologize your mesh into a low poly form, subdivide it sufficiently, and project the sculpt detail and polypaint from the high res version of the mesh using one of the various methods.

Now you should have a low poly base mesh with clean quad topology and multiple levels of subdivision. Unwrap this mesh at the base level using UV Master or otherwise generate UVs using your preferred tools. Various maps can then be generated for the lower levels of subdivision based on the highest subdivision levels of color and detail.

Once you have a mesh in the proper form the process for generating textures can be found here:


Please also see this recent thread for further information and other things to keep in mind during the process:


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