Getting deeper into 3D

hi folks,

long time since I joined this community and almost 3years i work with zbrush. Just for fun. I somehow feel that Im ready for next step. I want to learn something more about other package in 3D world. Dont get me wrong, zb is amazing and I can really wait for new 2.5, but U know - rendering, lighting, composing is not what zb is designed for. Especially I would like to learn how to realistically render zbrush object in other package (lets say profesional or more - realistic). Sometimes I am very dissapointed when I create very nice model, but my renders are still somehow - U know - crap :slight_smile:
And then I see something rendered in mental ray or xsi, and it looks beatifull through the model is not as good as mine :slight_smile:

So my ask for help is about this. How to learn quicky rendering process to achieve profi look of my models. and What software to choose?


edit: does anybody know, if pixologic has plan to improve somehow zb rendering engine, or is it to be still the same…

Everyone is going to recommend the program that they’re most comfortable with. You should probably investigate several and look for the one with the features that are most important to you.

Tactical answer Aurick! :+1:small_orange_diamond:laughing: . Indeed Vox, just look for what you want most. If you just want to render you’re Zbrush objects in a nicer (more real) setting, you don’t have to buy the most expencive package around. But if you also want to animate you’re models, then the package needs to be more complex. An easy and fluid pipeline between Zbrush and the 3D-package seems to be usefull for you too. Good luck!

I recommend you Maya or XSi + Photoshop and After Effects from Adobe.

Would like to something in, a good many of the programs
have demo versions. Would strongly suggest exploring this.
By the way, I have Maya and my renders look ****ty.
Guess it is not just the program?:smiley:

Maya or XSI and shake for compositing.I disagree with you about the renderer issue.I think that the Zbrush renderer is very desent.I’ve rendered some very good stuff in there.

You could always try thr free ones too. I like daz studio myself.

thanks guys. so far, the answers are pretty same as I expected :slight_smile:
but my point was bit further. How to learn or better, WHAT to learn to be able to achieve realistic renders on my models - scenes. Is it something or its just about talent and luck? :slight_smile:

im not sayin that zb renderer is bad, but it cannot compete renderers like mental ray, because of diferent concept and size of course. I saw some fabulous renders from pixolator or glen southern in here, but i think its still somehow thicky to get those results - not natural way - maybe I m wrong, but this is how I feel after years with zb.

hey Vox,

Here is what I have learned as a newbie playing with demos and trying to advance futher into my hobby.

each renderer has a “look” like Daz studio for me gives a more cartoonish drawng look, but I have seen some pics that look very realistic that has been done with it. Therefore some artists have the talent to bring the realistic look out of the software.

I have XSI foundation, renderer Mental Ray. I am still learning it but I have seen stuff rendered with it that is amazing. I hope I can learn to do that with it.

I point I am trying to make is try all the demos. Check out the galleries choose what works best for you and practice and experiment to get the results that you want.

XSI is a good one to look at, pro app and foundation will not hurt you wallet to much.

Here is something done with Amorphium 3…

This is the best realistic render I have done. I think becuase I love the software and feel very at home with it more then anything.

I totaly agree with you. :+1: When i posted i didn’t remembered how’s shake called :laughing:

I’m a Maya user and since i’ve started learning/working with maya i was also wondering about XSI, although i haven’t seen it (i’ve just heard of it). In short term, i think i’ll have to check it out some time, so if i’ll get along with it i’ll probably leave just leave Maya alone because i’m having some annoying issues with it.

Can anyone make a comparison betwen Maya and XSI, please?