Get/Set IMM/VDM brush mesh

Is there a way to set (select) or get current brush mesh programmably?
For example I tried something like [IPress,Brush:IMM Basic:PolySphere], it gives an error.

I need this to make such macros as “select next/previous mesh of brush”

Hey me2beats!
Here are a few usefull commands, that might help you to achieve what you want:

[IGet,Brush:Modifiers:MultiMeshSelect] //shows the current index of your mesh
[ISet,Brush:Modifiers:MultiMeshSelect,2] //selects the 2. mesh of the current imm brush
[IGetMax,Brush:Modifiers:MultiMeshSelect] //shows how many meshes are stored in the brush
[IGetTitle, Brush:Modifiers:MeshInsertPreview] //shows current imm mesh name

So to select the next mesh from your brush, you would want to:
-[IGet] what mesh you currently have selected
-then [ISet] to the next index
-while staying in the range of the meshes your IMM has, using [IGetMax]

Wow, thanks a lot!