Georges St. Pierre - a likeness study


Trying to refine my freehand likeness sculpting skills. Referencing Georges St. Pierre for this one because he’s got some pretty interesting asymmetrical things going on. The end goal is to get the realistic likeness as close as possible, develop fine skin detail techniques, and finalize with beauty render. I’ll be starting with the bust then hopefully finishing a full body at some point.

Here’s my reference sheet:

And my current work in progress:

Currently working on skin irregularities and some more proportion/small tweaks before moving on to more tertiary details.

Would love feedback on the likeness and the quality of the sculpt.






An update -

working on tertiary details, skin pores, and scars.

Is the likeness getting any better/worse?

Thanks -

Hey Bro,

Nice sculpt,

I would say your losing the likeness with your detail pass,

I think you could work on the way the lips interact and the basic shape of the eye a little,

The pores also seem too strong and feel rushed right now, I think if you add textures it will be less noticeable but best practice is to fix it at this stage,

again nice sculpt bro


Thank you for your comment! I agree. I will eventually go back and tweak some proportions here and there. The pores are a little strong right now, but I feel they get softened quite a bit in other rendering packages compared to zbrush where all of the materials have such strong cavity.

Starting a texture pass -


Yhman looking nice and everything is less noticeable


Thank you!

Updating this. Doing shader tests after fixing some parts. Still need to do a few things before it’s ready for final render.


Update on body. Getting base proportions and primary/secondary forms down.




Some more body WIP action. Details are quite a bit exaggerated right now, but the SSS has definitely muted them on the head, so following that path. Some anatomical issues going on here though I think. Would love to hear some opinions!

shader test on the body and some finer resolution sculpting -

Some more work on the portrait