George Crudo's Sketchbook

Hey guys :slight_smile:

I posted some individual threads but I thought I’d post a thread to start compiling all my work. I’ll try to update this regularly but here’s some of my most recent Zbrush work so far. Looking forward to posting more!




I’ve decided to spend this month focusing a lot on Anatomy so I started an anatomy study :slight_smile:

Doing some more anatomy work today :slight_smile: Still trying to block in basic forms and proportions before going into real detail

Hi George,

It looks like your arms are a bit too long. I would suggest that you use the head length to measure your anatomy elements. There is ton of examples on google.

Here is mine




Hey Air0ne!

Thanks for the feedback! Yeah between the first and second post of that anatomy dude, I adjusted his body to meet the 8 heads measurement but you’re definitely right about the arms. I’m always unsure where they should measure out to (especially in a pose where they’re angled out a bit.) I think I measured them out an extra head :wink: I will go back and make that adjustment when I work on him again :slight_smile:

Also here’s another project I’ve been working on. I’m making a likeness sculpt of Bob Odenkirk as Saul Goodman from Better Call Saul/Breaking Bad. Would love any critiques and feedback on him :slight_smile:


Here is a good page describing arm and hand proportions.
In addition, the easiest way to establish good proportions is by placing olecranon somewhere at the level of the last rib (basically at the waist). And the wrist should be at level of the great trochanter or pubic symphysis. If my model’s arms are not straight down but on angle I measure this distance with vertical Transpose line and then just rotate it to fit the limb.
I should admit that for my girls I prefer making slightly tinier arms and hands (slightly less than canonic 3.5 heads). But for males this method should work fine.

Thanks Vir Norin! That’s an awesome reference and good stuff to keep in mind. I’m going to remember that from now on :slight_smile: Also great idea with Transpose. I’m just now getting used to using it as a measuring tool and it’s really freaking convenient. Can’t believe I didn’t realize that sooner.

Here’s some more updates to the Anatomy guy. Shortened up the arms a bit and made some other minor changes. Didn’t have a ton of time tonight but I’ll do more work tomorrow :slight_smile:


Upper torso looks relatively fine to me. Though Pecs look separated from the arm. I would rework the clavicular portion of Pectoralis and integrate it better into the shoulder. Distally this head inserts to Humerus slightly above Deltoid’s insertion.
The bottom part looks less developed. It appears like this guy skipped his leg day. Thighs and legs have very important set of high-points arranged in zig-zag manner. Without them the silhouette will look lifeless and boring.
Also you really need to add at least some indication of the genitals. It is amazing how many artists feel ashamed to sculpt them. They don’t need to be super detailed but they should be blocked out since they change profile and visually affect the thigh length. Or sculpt it with simple underwear…
Another most common mistake is to join the inguinal ligament line with the thigh line. This visually separates the thigh from the pelvis and looks really odd. These are separate structures. Inguinal line goes from ASIS to Pubic symphysis above the pen1s while the thigh line emerges from the crotch and goes three fingers width below ASIS, vanishing laterally.
But before you start implementing all fixes, pay more attention to posture and silhouette, especially in the side view.
Good luck!

I really love the detailed feedback Vir Norin :slight_smile: Thank you so much. I incorporated a bunch of your feedback into this next pass. A lot of the elements are still roughed out at the moment. I’m still planning to go into each area in detail. I was mainly trying to get main forms and proportions and got a bit carried away as is easy to do with this stuff lol but I’ll keep posting updates as I do the more focused areas :slight_smile:


I did some more work on my Tracer fan art tonight :slight_smile:




I finished the high resolution version of my Tracer model :slight_smile:

You can see more images on my Artstation Page

Also I am taking a game character class with Adam Skutt. This is the current character I am working on and she is based on the Egytpian model Imaan Hammam




Here’s some more images of the Egyptian character I’m working on :slight_smile:





Haven’t posted in this thread for a while. I’ve been making dedicated threads for most of my projects but figured I should post some of the miscellaneous things I’m working on in here.

This was a one time private commission I completed for a friend of mine. It’s the “Wooden Stag” that appears in Game of Thrones, given to Shireen by Davos. The sculpt was completed by me and the engineering was handled by Jake Kemper of Captain’s Forge. The final physical paint job was completed by Susan Attai. The stag was split into 3 pieces: The body, the head and the antlers. The print was completed on a Form2 printer. Much attention was given to the neck to make sure that all the little fur patches would print correctly and that it would imitate the style of the wooden stag from the show.

The piece was completed for a trip to the Con of Thrones convention to get it signed by the actress Kerry Ingram who plays Shireen








This was a fun little side project I did, inspired by my coworkers to get more familiar with 3D printing. We, for whatever reason, often joke about Grimace from McDonalds and naturally this is where our joke ended up. Did we take it too far? Probably. I sculpted and engineered the project entirely in Zbrush. The piece was split up into a head, body, backpack, drum top and drum bottom. I made some mistakes with the engineering as this was my first “real” attempt at engineering but live and learn smiley It all fit together in the end and he seems happy so that’s all that matters.

You can see some more pictures of the print here :slight_smile:



Thought I would share with you guys another 3D Printing piece that I worked on as a surprise for my girlfriend. This is Bandana Waddle Dee from the Kirby video games :slight_smile: I digitally sculpted him in Zbrush and engineered him for print. I then printed him on my Prusa i3 MK2S, primed and sanded him and then painted him with acrylics. This is my first project that I’ve finished all the way on and still have a lot to learn about this process but I’m happy with how he came out!




Working on a quick concept sculpt in between bigger projects

Currently working on finishing this quick concept sculpt

Here is the final version of the concept sculpt I was working on. Couldnt decide between Keyshot and BPR renders so I posted both :slight_smile:

Been doing a lot of anatomy and portraiture studies lately. Working a likeness of Anna Kendrick atm:
image (1).pngimage.pngyrsy.jpg