Geonosis and orray

A+ model m8. Awesome awesome awesome :). 5 stars

lovely work :+1: :+1: :+1:

Thanks for tutorials and keep it up with good works.

Love it.

:+1: Thumbs up wicked model :+1:

Great Model!


Thank you so much for sharing your experience. 2 weeks it all you takes is very encouraging. Are you doing this full time or at your own leisurely pace?

I noticed you guys used quite a few software including VRay, Maya etc… I am a bit confused as a newie to this digital art and software. I also read about other like Poser and Vue etc… I read Poser can incorporate other basic models like Victoria/Michael (for human) and start working and modified on those. To avoid having to buy and learn so many different softwares, do you have any advice for newie which software to get this on. First for Character modeling and sculpturing, what are the software you would recommend? I like the ZBrush type of details and resolution which is very realistic like in any sculptures.

I would be doing this on a leisurely pace as a hobby and is looking out for some local art school here that can go learn to use these softwares and get myself on board this transition to digital art. Hope one day, I would be able to share my art work with you guys on this forum. :slight_smile: