Genesis Rising Spiritual Successor looking for people

Hello my name is Douglas Florence

I’ve gotten permission to start up on a spiritual successor for Genesis Rising: The Universal Crusade.

For those of you who haven’t heard of this game it was a 2007 PC RTS game that had a unique play style that was hard to match. Almost all the players’ ships were Organic Mutating ships called Organids that could be mutated with genes to grow anything the player needed to finish the mission. The overall story behind the game was good but had some holes that could have used fixing. Hence the reason why a spiritual successor needs to be made.

Description of what the Spiritual Successor entails-

There are currently a total of 8 races in the Genesis Rising Universe

Cold Whites- A race of alien females whose male population died out long ago. There ships are made entirely of Ice and could regenerate when in proximity to ice fields, ice ships, or ice ship debris.

Lapis-The Lapis are a race of sentient stone people who create their ships from any source of raw stone, and when I mean anything I mean they use Planets and Asteroids to make their ships.

Cy-Breed-The Cy-Breed are a race dedicated to the perfection of the machine viewing the organic as a weakness.

Cerebrals-An ancient race of skeletal aliens who know the secrets of the universal heart, there Skeletal Organic technology has the unique ability to resurrect itself.

Human Military-Humanity is led by a chair of three, the here being military, Inquisition, and the chair of Justice. The Military branch of the chair uses its organid’s to wage war and conquer any of the remaining universe that they haven’t conquered. The Organids are able to mutate to fit the need of any conflict.

Human Inquisitors-Humanity is led by a chair of three, the here being military, Inquisition, and the chair of Justice. The Inquisitor branch of the chair of three is responsible for maintaining the religious beliefs of humanity; they will do anything to make sure that humanity doesn’t stray from its belief of being the supreme species. The inquisitors Organids are designed to sacrifice pieces of themselves for their faith. The Organids are able to mutate to fit the need of any conflict.

Defiance- The defiance is a conglomerate of races who were originally conquered by humanity but have since begun to rebel against their oppressive rule. (In genesis rising they used organid but in the spiritual successor I want their ships to be a mix of Organic and Cybernetic tech to show how rag tag they are.)

Pirates- The ever so lovingly annoying space pirates who would randomly appear to attack you in campaign or multiplayer. They use whatever ships they can get.

Gameplay style-The game plays in RTS over view style but in the original one you had a full 360 rotational view of any ship or spot in space. The main problem that was with this was that they were stuck to a grid pattern and elevating up or down for the ships never really occurred. That’s one thing I want to change.

Maps are incredibly big allowing for artillery warfare or long term strategizing. With npc’s running around and asteroid fields, ice fields, or etc. there are many ways to get resources in the maps but it was never really expanded upon in Genesis rising. I’d like to fix that.

Ship classes in genesis rising was rather lacking with the classes consisting of Mother ship, harvesters, Light fighters that were more like small ships then actual fighters, laboratories which were only for organids, Medium Fighter, Heavy Fighter and Finally space stations with the Lapis having the only super world sized ship. I’d like to fix this by having the light fighter class tuned into an actual fighter class with them being human sized I’d like to add 2 versions of the harvesters the first being an automated drone that harvests resources for the station and the other being a repair drone, add a station building class that sacrifices itself for the organids factions or is constructed by the builder, the medium fighter changed to a frigate, add a new class size the corvette, change the heavy fighter to a dreadnaught class, add another class the battleship to bring even more to the fight and finally the Goliath class with these ships being the size of planets.

Art Styles- Because 3 of the factions use organic themes to them it’s easier to get the designs rolling for them, the cold white ships could use some touch ups to make them look less like polished glass then ice. The defiance being what it is will require the looks to follow a cyborg look to the ships. The Cy-Breed race will require a rework instead of being just a static looking race.

Adding animations to the ships mutations, building, and etc.
People I’m going to need for this

3D modeler
Environment artist
Music Composer
Voice Actors (If you’re interested look up a character from Genesis Rising and do a version of one of their quotes)
Sound Engineers
UI designers
Along with the many other coding needs
Concept artist
Level Designer
Website Handler

If interested feel free to contact me via Private message
To those who do contact I can’t wait to talk to you

Okay heres everyone so far im getting more people as I go

Peter Saga-Concept Artist/3d modeler
Janet Banerjee-Audio Producer
Parag Lavande-3d modeler
Chris Kukla-Composer/Sound Designer
William D. Simmons-Concept design artist
Fabrizio Bortolussi-3d modeler/concept artist