General: Is there a ZBRUSH 2 DEMO?

Coming soon. ZBrush 2’s features are build upon the firm foundation established in version 1.55b, so the current demo will give you a good idea of what ZBrush 2 is capable of. Also, we have made sample files available for download at the ZBrush.com Downloads page. You can use these files to test ZBrush-generated OBJ’s and displacement maps in your rendering engine. An imported OBJ has also been provided in the 1.55b demo. You’ll locate the rhino file in the ZScripts\Utilities\TextureMaster folder.

Why is it so hard to find a link to the demo version?
Anyone have a link for me?

hey guys… yeah i have been looking for the demo link?? but havnt been able to find it yet any ideas? :question:small_orange_diamond:warning:

I was been able to download the ZB2 demo but I havent find out where to get a demo password …

Z brush is great, but its way to expensive to buy for me yet, im only 13 thou

Moi aussi je recherche une demo version!!! NOT FOUND YET THAT DEMO VERSION :((

No Demo’s from my understanding. You can get Sculptris though.