General: Installation and Activation

Q: I wish to upgrade from an earlier version of ZBrush. How do I do this?
A: Please fill out the form here. Turnaround time is normally one to two business days.

Q: I purchased ZBrush 2 through a third party reseller. How do I activate it?
A: Your CD should include a sheet of paper with instructions. If you did not receive such a paper, please contact your reseller.

Q: Where’s my serial number?
A: ZBrush 2 does not use a serial number. Instead, you receive a POP (Proof of Purchase) code. This is given to you on the website after you have created your Element 5 account (using the upgrade or CD activation instructions). It will also be sent to you by email. The POP code will not change for as long as you have ZBrush 2, and is used to activate the software.

Q: How do I install ZBrush 2 once I have my POP code?
A: Simply download and run the installer, or run it from the CD. You will be asked to agree to the End User License Agreement, and then will be walked through the installation process. IMPORTANT NOTE: The installer requires Java in order to run. If it fails to run, please go to www.java.com and follow the instructions there to install that on your machine. After you have done this, the installer should run fine.

Q: I’ve installed ZBrush 2. Now what?
A: Have your POP code ready and run the ZBrush program file from within the folder that you installed it to. The first time that you launch ZBrush, you will need to activate it. The easiest way is to choose the internet activation method. If your computer is not connected to the internet, then you will also have an option for activating by phone. For either approach, please follow the instructions that you will be given on-screen.

Q: Can I install ZBrush on more than one machine?
A: Yes. As per the EULA, you can install ZBrush on up to two of your machines, provided that both copies are not actually used at the same time. Use the same POP code to activate both computers.

Q: The activation screen says that my POP code has already been used. Now what?
A: If you are installing ZBrush on your second machine, or have upgraded to a new computer, please contact Element 5 so that they can add another activation to your POP code. For all other needs, please contact support@pixologic.com

Q: Can I reinstall my operating system without having to activate again?
A: Yes. The email containing your POP code also has instructions for how to back up your license file.

Q: I need to reinstall ZBrush, but I no longer have the installer.
A: Please contact Element 5. They can send you a new download link.

Q: How do I contact Element 5?
A: In the U.S. and Canada, they can be reached at 800-406-4966 or http://esd.element5.com/ccc/index.html?publisherid=50448&languageid=1
. For the rest of the world, they can be reached at +49-221-31088-30 or http://esd.element5.com/ccc/index.html?publisherid=50448&languageid=1. People are available at both phone numbers during most hours of the day.

Q: I have a question that is not covered here. What should I do?
A: Please contact support@pixologic.com