Hey, I havn’t posted anything for a while here I was very busy with work and my first Art Book EXPLORER Futuristic Vehicles for Uncharted Lands published by Design Studio Press.

My goal is to create a fictional world with all of my designs (Vehicles, Creatures, Robots etc.). I always dreamed about how amazing it must have been to walk among Dinosaurs (and super dangerous and toxic as well :smiley: ) Anyway, those pictures are my way of of being amongs those unknown beautiful beings! I am not a good poly modeler or very good with textures and materials but hey the idea counts :slight_smile: !

All renders are composed in C4D and rendered with Octane and All Creatures are of course sculpted in ZBrush!

My Hornet Aircraft concept is just entering the atmosphere of Gemini 2059, and it is immediately surrounded by some curious super large airborne creatures…

The Magna Caput and it´s distinctive body with the giant head are rare herbivore Non Videre creatures with a hight up to eight and a length up to twelve meters. Just a few thousand individuals of this unique maverick species where yet spotted on the planet.
It´s giant about eight meter long head makes a very deep drumming sound when threatened, which makes predators feel very dim. This phenomenon also effects technical components and is extremely efficient protection.
Besides that, the Magna Caput seems to be a very calm creature.
The buoy like antennas on it´s hind legs are floating in the air. They seem to be extreme high sensitive receiver organs. So the Magna Caput is able to find it´s rare con-specifics over thousands of kilometres. Ones the Magna Caput found together during breeding season they spread up again into the vast swamps.