Gears of War 3 - Character Art Dump (new images posted on Pg 17)


Incredible! One of the best game ever for me and i have great admiration for you and the team!
Great work and congratulations!

Excellent work! :+1:

Amazing art…
Amazing game!

Thx for sharing!

I almost want to quit, man way to raise the bar. great job! :+1:small_orange_diamond:+1:

Wow!This is brilliant! Stunning work:grimacing:

Imagine when games will be able to use those high-res assets and good anti-aliasing… Gears 3 is a beautiful game but the assets in all their high-res glory are much nicer! Great job.

these are really amazing !!!

I have a question. Usually, how long did it take to finish a hires model? :question:

Look who’s here!
Hey Mike, i’m a huge fan of your work, since a long time ago, even before your Guile, and now i’m really happy to see you at my favorite company!
Epic is a nice team, and i’m really happy to see you being part of such a talented team, hope to be so good as you some day.

A quick question, can you show some Wires of the low polys? Especially the human stuff.

I can do better…

…I wish wish wish! Man that is good! :slight_smile:

Loving it all. Effing amazing. The detail, sense of materials, design.
Great game also.

Congratulations! Amazing job, I hope that you’re going to share more characters!

Just one more question. Can you tell me, what is a general timeframe of creating a character? From concept to the character ready to use in Unreal Editor.


awesome!! makes me wanna be a better artist!!
Like i said over at Kevin Johnstones “Gears of War 3 - Environment Art” thread:
Any chance on the tutorial from you? Would be really great if you would just press record on your screencapture thingie and just upload a raw, doesnt even have to be edited, video somewhere… im sure it would be a hit since a lot of pepe would like to see your process… i would pay moneys for it!
I realise that the process of creating something like this takes weeks (months?), but would be really great and informative to see the footage of the creation of some parts of it… like… 2 hours of your detailing techniques :slight_smile:

Awesome! More, please (pretty please…)

Big Love!Fantastic!:+1:small_orange_diamond:+1:small_orange_diamond:+1:

awesome!!!..tnk for sharing.and now im going to play GoW3 in horde mode XD

I agree…more pls pls pls, we know you’re busy but please more :smiley:

I love the Armored Kantus model, great stuff =) Thanks for sharing!

The first would be the inspiration this gives me and the second would be the envy that I have for this talent. I work on my art almost every single day (drawing and sculpt) and I have dreamed about not only being this good but doing this for a living since I was like 5 years old (now 30 and just getting into Zbrush). I would give up everything to do this even if I made less money except wife and kids! What can I say they have grown on me over the last few years. This is the art that pushes me to try harder. Fabulous stuff