Gasser WIP

Gasser WIP. This is just a way to get rid of some of my creative frustrations while working on some schoolwork. I’d love to get some feedback and comments on things to watch out for or improve on. Thanks in advance.

Good concept here, nice way to get your ideas flowing.

It seems the figure is humanoid in form so maybe the eye glasses should be more to the front of the headpiece, I don’t see how he/she could look forwards. Nice too if the connecting tubes showed some way to connect/disconnect. Just some ideas, however I think it’s worth you developing this, could be a great learning piece for you.

Thanks for sharing this with us


like it very much, keep up the good work! hope yore planning to do an image with it

Thanks you for the replys, appreciate it. Working on the piece at the moment and I found your comment on the connection of the tubes interesting. Could you elaborate a bit more on that?

I think he’s talking about the tubes running into the front-facing base of the neck

Latest update.

Some more work on the nozzle and the skin. Fixed a few other things, almost time to start texturing I think. Comments and suggestions always wanted.

I like the old nozzle this one is too bumpy for a nozzle

I have to agree with Ibrahim. The old nozzle was better. Here’s what you can do about that, though.

Use masking on mechanical objects such as the nozzle and the tubes, combined with the tools in the tool -> deformation menu. The problem you’re getting is that your mechanical object (the nozzle) looks blobby in a way that it would not be in real life, because you’re using the sculpting brush, instead of masking off a pattern and using tools->deformation->inflate. You might even make an alpha in photoshop and import it, then use that as your masking (holding ctrl while making a masking box will make the box use the alpha for the masking).

Hey guys, been busy last couple days and haven’t had a chance to work with this model until tonight. I took your advice and it seemed some of my classmates agreed on the nozzle. The problem I ran into is a lack of polys to play with in the nozzle. As this wasn’t really intended to be a zbrush model I didn’t look at all the topology I’d need for certain details. This is shown in the straps around the head as well… i wanted to make them look alot more detailed but the geometry just wasn’t there. Live and learn I guess… I’ll do the best I can with this model and worry about it the next time. Anyways, here’s my latest update. Thanks again for the comments, I really do appreciate them.

Its just as if donald duck went s&m. Cool model.

It’s definitely looking better. Another thing you might want to try is using the layer brush tool for the stitchings and straps in projection master. it’ll give you hard edges as well.

The nozzle definitely looks better now :slight_smile: I’m glad you’re sticking with it, even if you’re not getting the resolution you want.