Here is another fairly large render.
Made use of Jantims excellent shaders, which I just can’t get enough of…

A couple close-ups:

Here is a link to a larger version (1500x1500) - GARGOYLES_LARGE(ish)

Feedback appreciated!:smiley:gargoyle_900.jpgclose_01.jpgclose_02.jpgclose_03.jpg

reallly really cool. I love the composition and the colours used. :+1:small_orange_diamond:+1:small_orange_diamond:+1:small_orange_diamond:+1:small_orange_diamond:+1:

whoa…quite beautiful. your use of jantim’s shader is lovely

wow! that first close-up of the material…leaves me speechless. it looks so durn tootin real…the paint, rusty iron…fantastic job of lighting and tweaking that wonderful mat from Jantim.

am truly impressed with the results you got and now I gotta go play some more myself!!:smiley:

Think I’ve met those guys at a biker party or two;)

Great work, light color modeling idea…
Thx for share

:grimacing: :grimacing: :grimacing:
A super site about Stones’ Gargoyles + marbles textures + links :sunglasses:

I like it!
the intertwining in the border is a nice touch, and i agree its a nice shader,
color scheme is very…“meaty” :slight_smile:
your style is so recognizable.
love those minute details.

excelent border :D:+1:

Yes, a great looking image(s) it would be nice if the “border people” would invade the centerpiece and overmaster the gargoyles,… i mean colorwise ,and not to many because it would be to red…just a thought!


Interesting. :smiley:

I think the rust texture reminds me of the wood sculptures found outside of some Chinese restaurants, the stain that is used on them has a similar color.(not meant to be offensive, i happen to really like those! )

What amazing skill to have a style so unique that it can be recognized by The thumbnail image alone.

Thanks for sharing your technique, your style stands alone!

Great work!

You have an unique style.

No more words, except W O W

Impressive work, Meats!

I personally loved the frame and all these details. I’ve to try Jantims’ shaders. Looks totally great :slight_smile:


You’re a freak…Nice job of course…

Very Freaky and Cool…way to go man :slight_smile:


Thanks for the feedback!

I forgot to mention that all of the elements were created and rendered within Zbrush…then Photoshop was used for color correction and general clean up.

Jantim - great suggestion. I’ve actually been doing that with some of the other images in this series. I like where it’s going so far, I’m having some good clean fun with it…:slight_smile: And thanks for the great shaders…I may start replacing the word shaders with Jantims - thanks for the great Jantims!

S[color=sienna]imply Amazing!!!

meats love these two new pieces very nice use of a frame elements…and as usual an unusual and creative approach to things.
keep up rockin’ da boat bud…:+1:

Very cool! its like grapheti art but with scrap metal! Awesome Meats!:grimacing:


Thanks mucho - scrap graphitti - I like it!