Ganesha Ashok Binayak

Ganesha Ashok Binayak
Concept and Element Design
From the meaning of wind I often think of clouds with a breeze blowing through them. Until it becomes various shapes and symbols That conveys the meaning of nature and the wind that I insert into my work.

gradually developed Until it’s perfect


This is excellence!!

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Concept and Symbol of Ganesha Ashok Binayak.

Designing for me starts with solving problems. For example, the Thai pattern on the back of the starting point is a result of solving the problem of “weight bearing” because this will be the first work that is larger than 15 inches. The fabric that supports the weight in one place, I think, will have a problem. Therefore, the scene was designed for this purpose. and add symbols Nature and “infinity” conceal auspiciousness to the work.

After considering for a while and print out the work to see So I decided Modify the facial structure slightly to make it more expressive.

Various angles

Beautiful sculpt!

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Thank you.