Gandam MSA-0011 ext EX-S

Hi everyone,
This’s my first post here, would like to ask for any comments for my Zbrush work.
The Zbrush assignment for Paul Gaboury’s class at Uartsy.com.
I used Zmodeler Brush and IMM Brush. Some kitbashing of hydraulic parts & cable parts made by “Nick Govacko”, render in Keyshot & post work in Photoshop.

Gundam EX-S-5.jpgGundam EX-S-3.jpgGundam EX-S-1.jpgGundam EX-S-6.jpgGundam EX-S-4.jpgGundam EX-S-2.jpg



Gundam EX-S-1.jpg

Gundam EX-S-2.jpg

Gundam EX-S-3.jpg

Gundam EX-S-4.jpg

Gundam EX-S-5.jpg

Gundam EX-S-6.jpg

I just want to reach in there and smudge a fingerprint on it. :wink: Nice work!

Hey Banya

Great job. I love this piece and thank you for sharing. You should put some a few step-by-step images. I know the community would love it.


Looking awesome! turned out very nicely!

Lots a things to look at, well played.

Awesome stuff. You should show your other stuff too.

hey man this looks great, I just want to reach out and grab it!
I only have one criticism and it’s nothing to do with your Awesome modeling/rendering. It’s that you have put ESFS when I’m sure you meant to put EFSF.
Other than that minor point I think this is fantastic work. Well done :+1:

Thank you everyone.
Thanks LeoAMD, I saw the ESFS should be EFSF after I finished render already, I may go back to continue this piece again then I will fix it:D
Thanks Spyndel
thanks SemmehSAMURAI
thanks Frank, love your work too:)
thanks Paul for your very great class & comments, I will put some step by step images in the next post :slight_smile:

Awesome. I like it very much.keep it up.

Congrats on TOP ROW!
Well done man, great stuff

Conrgrats! Astonishing!

Thanks again LeoAMD/Paul :slight_smile: hope to more of your work also.

Congrats on the Top Row. :slight_smile:


Thanks Paul, thanks Frank :slight_smile:

really nice model and rendering :slight_smile:

…modeling! Bravo! :sunglasses:


Dude, I love gundam. This is tooooooo awesome.

Wow Banya; this was good the last time I saw it; you have totally nailed it!!
Great Job!
And you shot up to Top Row on your first post!!
You deserve it.
I also would like to see what you’ve been creating since we were in class last…last year was it?
All I remember is that you always posted really awesome sculpts man! :+1: