Game of Thrones Game Trailer - RealtimeUK

Finally we can share the work for the last Game Of Thrones trailer, developed by the talented @RealtimeUK team.

I was personally on charged of Tyrion Lannister and Daenerys Targayen


Such a honor been able to be part of this project and a big responsibility work in such an iconic character. Badass work by all the team from RealtimeUK!

Hope you like it!


Daenerys was the second character I had to work on. Kudos to James Kirkham for that badass hair work on Daenerys!!



Fantastic work!!! Top Row in 3…2…1… :smiley:
Ben | 3D Gladiator

Hi, I was responsible for creating Cersei and Jaime from Modelling all the way through to LookDev and Groom. It was a huge team effort by everyone involved and a big thank you to Marlon for his amazing contribution!

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Killer work Dave!

So the actual actors become too expensive, and were all replaced by cg?

Fantastic work everyone involved on this project. The outcome is stellar!

amazing workss bro , and awesomeeeeeee dear marlon

Fantastic work, I am gonna re-watch it the rest of the day : )

Dude, these works are unbelievable!! Especially Tyrion is just…alive!!!

wowwwwww :heart::heart::heart::heart::heart:

Amazing work by a talented bunch of artists!!! Congrats guys :wink:
(the link to video does not work… here it is)