Game Character Model

My latest game character project, inspired by the Gears of War Tactics armors. I’m still changing a lot of things but if you have some suggestions to the shapes than let me know. Materials for some of the previews are simply generated in Blender, I will texture the model properly at the end.

Mainly armor with old face blockout.


And some arm blockout. Not sure if I should add more “bone” elements on top of the arms to make it match more with the head. But than again I still want to make it look like the bones don’t make the arm movement difficult. :thinking:

And another update. This time I’ve made some progress on the rest of the body, and some details on the arms.

Also a fast render in Blender Eevee just to check how everything’s coming together.

wip 17a body

Update. I have added some armor HP details and fixed some parts on the body.

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