Game Assets Tutorial Series

Hi everyone. This is Sunny from Kolkata, India

It has been years since I came back to Zbrush central. ZBC has a new avatar now and it looks great.

I have been working with Zbrush. I am going to start creating Tutorials on Zbrush, iClone, and Substance Painter. I am already recording and adding these on youtube. So thought to add these here as well and get your comments and feedback.

These are specifically for Low poly Game Art, so not going to add the high level of details I see above in the gallery. Seriously Zbrush has come a long way from 2005 when I joined this community and I hope it grows even further.

You can all check my website for the works I have been doing for many years, especially creating Game Art packs using Adobe Animate for 2D and Zbrush and Blender for 3D.


Tutorial 5 - Creating a Ladder for the House