Gambit / Remy LeBeau

Hi Zbrush central!
This is a fanart of Remy LeBeau better known as Gambit, an essencial member of the xmen. Done with Zbrush 2021. I hope you like it.

BPR_Composite1- BPR_Composite2 BPR_Composite3 BPR_Composite4 BPR_Composite4--- BPR_Composite5 BPR_Composite6 BPR_Composite7 BPR_Composite8 BPR_Composite9 BPR_Composite11 BPR_Composite12 BPR_Composite13 BPR_Composite14 BPR_Composite15 BPR_Composite16 BPR_Composite17 BPR_Composite18 BPR_Composite19 BPR_Composite20 BPR_Composite21 BPR_Composite22 BPR_Composite23 BPR_Composite24 BPR_Composite25


Cool work!! :sunglasses: :+1: :star:!!

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Thank you!

Great piece! Thank you for posting!