Galapagos Christmas Iguana - ZBrush 2021 Beta project

So I got to be part of the ZBrush 2021 beta program which was a lot of fun. new features are really amazing. I’ve been wanting to model a Galapagos Christmas Iguana (Amblyrhynchus cristatus) ever since my wife and I visited the islands a few years ago. This seemed like a good opportunity. I used the micomesh feature to instance all the tiny scale’s on its body. Also used the extrude edge feature in the ZModeler brush to do all the retopo in Zbrush (normally i do that in Maya using modelling toolkit). I i used the Nanomesh instancing to do the tall scales on the back. The renders were done in Redshift for Maya but I’ve also included some screenshots of ZBrush as well as some stylistic BPR renders. Love these guys. fun fact: Darwin did experiments on their behavior by repeatedly throwing them in the water. Don’t do this.








Thanks guys!! If you ever get a chance to go the Galapagos is an astonishing place to visit. there are piles of Iguanas right at your feet! The birds are truly amazing. We swam with penguins!


WOW, now that I see a proper render, that Iguana comes fully into perspective Mr. Keller. “From Bugs to Reptiles with Love” :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :rofl:
(excellent features use)

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fun way to make lizard scales! :slight_smile: nice job on the sculpt!

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Great work Eric! You’re really spreading the Z-Reptilian and Z-Bug love :scream: :scream: :sunglasses: :star: :+1:

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How did you do the flow of the scales?

Amazing work on the skin detail! :+1:

Top notch work!