Gaggle of Donkeys

Im using Zbrush for rapid prototyping of games mock-ups, and i am amazed at the speed at which i can spit out medium resolution character models. 1300 polys 512*512 textures half a day modelling/texturing. These are strictly WIP, but i was that pleased with the results i thought id share :wink:


lil blurry

cool little studies.

ooops!! its a lie - thats 1300 QUADS - im gonna have to reduce that ;(
Ive been using the output from ZApplink for the main texture maps, and re-projecting the texture for a more contunious UV map for use in-game. Its actually real easy :wink:

what IS a group of donkeys called anyway ??

the blur is because its a still from an animation with motion blur turned on - ill re-do a render tomorrow

Thanks !

I have recently been impressed by the same quick sketching of models. Can you post the edge looping wire.

Beautiful character. classic.

what IS a group of donkeys called anyway ??
That would be a herd of asses.
Has a nice ring to it.


Nice form on your prototypes! Going to take them much farther?

~Mike D.

Looks more like a donkey-kangaroo crossbreed…

Very living and funny! :smiley:
have happy Zbrushing! :cool:

Thanks for the comments guys !
I saw the kangaroo-ish-ness too. I thought it was because of the fat belly and lack of any real detail in the feet, but i didnt take it any further to keep with the digital sketch style. Maybe if the game gets signed and i get hired to do the cinematic…
Heres a wireframe and un-deformed original. The blue tinge was the original colour, which i was going to use as the opposing team (changed in 2 seconds in pShop - thank god for ZApplink !!!)



Beautiful. Very nice low polys. Thanks.

Is that animateable? that’s the directions I would like to go.

not sure why the purple is there, but the brown and greyish parts look good, the model is good too. gj

im trying to animate these donkeys right now - but they are proving to be a royal pain in the ass (pun intended). Its one thing to animate something, but its proving something else to animate something in character. Ive tried twice now but nothing has turned out as it looks in my head. Ill keep trying and hopefully post something soon.
Thanks !