Gael Kerchy Sketchbook

Hello Zcommunity !
This is my first post on the forum. I’ll be sharing more and more of my work with you guys. To start on, this is a model I spent two days on. All comments are more than welcome.







For me, it’s really good job !
Regards Jacek

Wonderful first post, can’t wait to see more from you!

Really nice execution!

hey gael!

great work here. i really like the gravity and sense of mass in this.
good job.


Hi guys,
Thanks for the support. I’d like to share with you the new one, so here he/she is ! I spent one day on the model, and a bit of time on the render. Hope you’ll like it.
I have to admit I had a look at James W. Cain for the lighting. He is a great inspiration for me when it comes to some kind of clay render.
Do not hesitate to comment !







Hi guys,
So this is a really first WIP of a new animal I’m working on. Sharing it with you before it comes to find some muscles and skin ontop.



Hi guys,

I’m sharing with you two WIPs presenting my current animals.


The horse has already some good anatomy work. However the gorilla has still a long way to go. It’s a pretty early stage for him, I’m still looking to block in the main proportions.
Cheers !



Great work Bro !! I look forward to the final result of work :+1:
Regards Jacek

The head of your gorilla is very good. Can’t wait to see your progress with it.

This is a good start on the gorilla anatomy. Some of the muscles are not yet aligned quite right. For reference, you might want to find a copy of the Anatomy of the Gorilla. Henry Cushier Raven Memorial Volume edited by William King Gregory, Columbia University Press, 1950. This volume contains numerous drawings of the muscles of the gorilla, including some truly amazing life size fold outs of the limbs.

There are many references on the horse including the famous Atlas of Animal Anatomy for Artists (Dover Publications name) by W. Ellenberger, H. Dittrich and H Baum. These are superb illustrations if you can find one of the early printings. The more recent versions have become almost silhouettes due to the plates being worn badly. The first American (Dover) versions were from 1949 and the expanded version in paperback dates from 1956 and was edited by Lewis S. Brown. The original German editions were of single animals and date from the late 1800’s to about the 1920’s. These first editions are very hard to find but superior in every way to the Dover Publications if you can find them. All of the editions have out-of-date labels which makes it very hard to correlate with modern anatomy texts.

wow that amazing, thanks a lot for all that reference. I’ll have a look to find these books. It’s really hard to understand how everything is going under the skin of the gorilla. The fur ontop doesn’t help… even the posing is kinda of tricky : what should be a neutral pose for these animals when they can stand up right and walk on their hands. This has a great impact on the muscles shapes.

Definitely will try to find these books.

For now are some WIPs on the horse.


Beautiful progress on the horse so far.


In case you have trouble finding an early original version of the book on the horse, Ellenberger, Baum and Dittrich Handbook der Anatomie der Tiere Fur Kunstler (Band I: Das Pferd) which was in 3 languages (German, French and English - although the labeling is outdated in all languages). There are many who have scanned at least portions of the book and put them online. The one I like best is from the University of Wisconsin library:


These were scanned from the original plates and comparing it to mine, all of the horse anatomy plates are included.

There are so many references for the movement and pose of the horse it is hard to know where to begin. Although I would advise caution against anything prior to Muybridge’s motion studies in the 1880’s, since the gaits of the horse were not well understood until his photographs.

Just to pick one contemporary artist that I like, you might see if you can locate the book “het brieschend paard” by Rien Poortvliet. Van Holkema & Warendorf 1978. All of his many books of domestic animals are well done and worth studying - IMHO.

Looking forward to more WIP images.

this gonna be the short version, so i’m just gonna say i think you do some killer work. very cool to see some thorough animal studies.
keep them coming.


Thanks guys for the precious feedbacks. References are awesome as well !
This is my final submission for the horse, I can now call it done. I really hope you’ll like it, and comment with wathever your feelings are. Every animals I’m sculpting are a great step forward. Those anatomy studies make me learn so much, I enjoy each of them. Plus the fact that you guys are giving me some great tips to develop my skills. I hope to transform this thread in a huge animal anatomy ref for each of us so we can all share our tips.

And now come the illustrations :


Waiting for your comments !

Hi everyone,

I had several feedbacks on this piece, and realised that it needed some more work in the pose and anatomy. So this is the new guy. I thanks those who made me realised that this piece wasn’t the one that I wanted to achieve.



I hope you’ll like this one even more than the first. As usual, feedbacks are the better way for me to become a better artist, so feel absolutely free !
From now I’m moving on to a new piece.
Cheers !

excellent work

This is beautiful!