FX Legends Series

A little lunch crunch fun today…part of my ongoing “Legends of FX” series (more images coming soon!). Fans of practical effects might be more likely to recognize the likeness, which still needs some work!



Came home feeling inspired so I started roughing out THE man himself! ds_zb02.jpg

Looks like Dick Smith, yes? The other guy I think is Steve Johnson.

Cool series you’ve got going here. Looking forward to more!:+1:

Spot on, SwampGhost. Here are a couple more that I posted in other threads but considered part of the series.rh_sculpt_09.jpg

The Harryhausen is great! You know you’re getting somewhere when you can look at it and hear the person speaking in your head. I saw the Jack Pierce already in your gallery, but would’ve recognized him from just his dentist smock.:smiley:

A little update to my Dick Smith sculpt this evening in honor of his 91st birthday!ds_zb03.jpg

Shaping up nicely but the color is off. He is more flesh colored:)

Thanks Rick. Haha! Yeah, I’ve been enjoying the sculpting aspect of zb so much lately and procrastinating on painting these guys. Dick and Ray I definitely want to go back and finalize later with Vray skin shaders and hair. Work is about to get very busy soon so they might have to wait a while though :frowning:

plus there are a few more “legends” I want to add to the series! Nobody is safe :wink:

Quick update to Ray (working on a better likeness).

The beginning stages of my tribute to Rick Baker’s legendary (and recently unveiled) Night Skies Alien Design. For more info check out his twitter feed - https://twitter.com/TheRickBaker


A little update to my Steve Johnson sculpt (which has been sitting on the digital shelf for over a year).


another angle.

Very early rough of my next “victim”. It’s really hard to tell who the likeness is at this stage…


Some progress. Anyone care to guess? :slight_smile:

Minor tweaks…


I’m pretty sure I’m wrong, but all I can think of is Rob Bottin.

I think it’s starting to look like the subject now…

I’m pretty sure I’m wrong, but all I can think of is Rob Bottin

You are in the ballpark, which I’m sure is because of the hairstyle :slight_smile:

Actually, it didn’t occur to me that you might be doing a younger Rick Baker, and I feel confident now that’s who it is. He crossed my mind, but I was thinking of how he looks now. Feel kinda silly now, because these guys were my idols growing up in the 80’s :lol:

You are correct Swampghost Here’s a quick update for better proportions. His face was way too wide…