Fusion 360 to ZBrush Exporter plugins

This is a plugin that make a use of save as stl function of Fusion360 and send it directly to ZBrush instead of 3dprint application so I would call its an exporter since it cannot send back to fusion.
So this plugin will convert an object in Fusion to STL and send directly to ZBrush.
To have a CAD modeling function at your hand is very good combination for ZBrush.
its was made by MARCUS_CIVIS of Pixologic as my specials request.

Fusion360 to ZBrush Exporter 2018-20.zip (65.1 KB)
*The plugin will work only with specific version of ZBrush because it is use internal code of 3DPrinthub if ZBrush 2021 is released we will need to update the plugin to make it work.

-Actually this folder can place anywhere doesn’t matter.
Just make sure LaunchZBrush.exe needs to be able to write a text file in that folder.
-but recommened to place it in Public\Documents\ZBrushData20XX\ZPluginData folder or Zplug64 folder like other plugin is fine.
-Change Zbrushpath.txt to directory of your zbrush installation.

How to use.
-Selected component, body right click > Save STL
-Checked a box send to 3d print utilities > select custom application > and locate to LaunchZBrush.exe anywhere you placed it.
-You can adjust refinement level(how CAD Object is convert to STL)
-after press ok its wil convert and send to ZBrush by replaced an actiavted subtool.
*Imported object will have corrected scale of actual unit in Fusion360 you can check the diemension with Scale Master.

Here’s video Demonstration

Hey! I used this with Fusion 360/Zbrush 2020 and it worked great! Now that 2021’s out do you think this will see an update anytime soon? Do you know if this is open source at all and available to be edited [ie GitHub]?


I’m contacting macus of pixologic team will make an update on this thread.

Great, thank you very much!

Here is the update of 2021
But Marcus said he have changed the code a little so it should work with future versions without updating.(This should also work with 2020)
STLimport_2021.zip (28.8 KB)

This is perfect, thank you very much for your efforts!