Fully Coloured Alpha Based Decal Sculpting

Registration of deformation data with its associated colour texture is difficult, as sculpting with an alpha in the current alpha slot and a texture in the current texture slot produces a deformation only partly coloured with the texture, that texture being masked by the alpha.

This macro gets around the problem by drawing the alpha and texture twice in the same place. First, RGB is set to 100; Zadd set to 0. The alpha Intensity is set to 1 and one brush stroke is drawn onto the model. Immediately, the macro is played. What this does is turn Zadd on, sets Alpha Intensity to zero, replays the last brush stroke, (causing the deformation to be drawn over the top of the colour data) and then it sets Intensity back to 1 and turns Zadd off again, readying the brush for another colour application.

I recommend assigning the macro to a hotkey.

The picture below shows, on the left, the usual result of painting a texture onto a model with an alpha present in the current alpha slot; and on the right the result you get using the macro.