- Full metal alchemist -

Hi~~ :slight_smile:

My last work is Full metal alchem Character

All the work is Dynamesh~

I Love Dynamesh~***9829;

Enjoy my works~~:D


Very clean work…looking forward to the render :+1:

Really great, you captured essence of each character perfectly.

Lovely Sculpts :+1:

I use keyshot ~
very very thanks ~~ :smiley:

thank you-!!! RazielBlair~~ :slight_smile:

thanks Karthik.AL ~~!! :smiley:

Really great work
love the presentation style

the more i see keyshot renders the more i feel like i need to buy it

I love them! They really resemble the manga’s style!
I’m a big fan of FMA too! One of my first works in Zbrush was Lust, but yours is beautiful! XD

I love FMA, great work!

Thank you~~!! BlackMath :slight_smile:
KeyShot is very useful !!

Thanks! Dantert!! : ) You would like to see work of Lust

very very Thank you!!! :smiley: