Fronza's sketchbook

Hi folks!these are the two models of a shortfilm me and my friend are doing for university here in brazil,we decided to use ourselves as characters, i am the persian prince and my friend is the thief.we also made a teaser to illustrate the characters and the scenarios.

and this is the rendered version, 3Dmax and vray.

<iframe width=“560” height=“315” src=“http://www.youtube.com/embed/TvVycI2-uVU” frameborder=“0” allowfullscreen=""></iframe>

well i hope you guys like it, i didnt upload the scenarios here because it was my friend who did it, but i modelled the scitar and the camel :D.cya!






Nice stuff in here.

I see that you decided to make your friend the thief while you are the hero … Nice !!! :slight_smile:

I have a couple of questions just understand your point of view.

Is there a reason why you’ve chosen Persia as your source of cultural background for the main character. Doesn’t brazil have any good cultural resources?

And do we really have to wait until 2026 for this to come out … really? I"m just kidding.

Good job again and have fun

we sure are a very cultured country, but dont be mistaken, brazil has culture from all over the world, too bad the usual topics that i’ve seen in cg and movies concerning brazil are about carnival, soccer, beaches, monkeys and favelas ahahahaha- which has nothing to do with my reality for example.

Anyways, I made him persian because I myself look a bit arab :smiley: (not the best thing to be in an airports, but ok).

thanks! :smiley:

PS: 2026 is the deadline, I work harder with pressure.

this composition i did yesterday night using a work from a fellow zbrusher as reference, though i do not remember his name =/anyways, the result i achieved was usinng the shadow pass with lighting mode in photoshop :)i hope you guys like itrendered in zbrush*

That top post, the shadow pass with the lighting mode render came out great…Really a stand out in the crowd image…Beautiful…:+1:small_orange_diamond:)

Great job on the bottom sculpt also…:+1:

hey man, thanks!
the top and botton sculp are the same though :smiley:

two quick doodles i did today, i am not very satisfied with the lady’s anatomy (she is quite unfinished, i made the hair quickly for understanding), if anyone has any critic, you are welcome to share :smiley:

btw, i wanted to pose her like this concept from the artist Tahra, amazing design :smiley:

this is how far i got tonight. I would be a little further if it wasnt for an issue i had with my layer, once i created a new one, the last one lost all of its effect and i couldnt fix it =O

nice work in your sketchbook, I like the girls face and her back anatomy is great aswell :slight_smile:
I am really digging the bird kind of creature, are the wings made with alphas that fur texture?
All the best,

  • Kenny:)

hey dude, thanks for the comment :smiley: for the feathers, i used a brush called scales C :idea:

this are two pieces of my anatomy study i have been doing for the past 2 weeks, the first i did studying Digital Sculpting Human Anatomy by Scott Spencer and the second was with Ryan Kingslien the Anatomy of the face for artists

hope you guys like them :smiley:

update =D

sculpting this lasses without symmetry was a pain in the ass =I
anyways, here is my last update, i will work on it this evening, i hope i can come with a more pleasant result :smiley:



Basic sculpting is looking very nice.
Need more details on face.
Folds on boots are cool.

allrigh! indeed i havent sculpted any detail to the face =O but it is in my to do list
here is what i have developed tonight o/
I am not happy with the hair, i actually made it just so i would not post another picture of her head totally bald :smiley:


by the way, thanks for the critict

firts i would like to show a last update of my female character, i just decimated her to render in 3dmax with vray, wish me luck!

and btw, tonight i made a quick doodle rendered in zbrush :smiley:

quick doodle i did the other night :smiley:

yeah! final composition made in 3dmax, vray and photoshop :smiley:


hope you guys enjoy!

been following your work since 3 weeks , amazing final render! keep up the good work! , can you upload more pics??? thank you !:+1:

hello tierzilla o/ thanks very much for your comment, let me see what i can show you… this is what i have for now :smiley:

in the mean time, i am creating a new work called teenage mutant gentleman turtle:


i am only in the beggining of his sculpting, if anyone has any critic/feedback, it will be very welcome.
recently i have seen a few works concerning the tmnt, so i decided to create the fifth turtle, this one
would win battles with dialog, pacience and kind words instead of his fists hahhaha

PS: i picture him with a deep voice like Danny Glover’s

well, enjoy!

its almost over ladies ang gentlemen!
(even though i have the slight impression this place is in shortage of women)


hope you guys enjoy!